The 26th meeting of the BES will take place on Friday  october 14th and Saturday  october 15th 2016 in Dolce La Hulpe
As mentioned the abstracts of the meeting will be published in Acta Clinica Belgica.

At the last meeting, the new BES board 2016-2017 was installed.
Dr P. Petrossians (Ulg) is the BES president,
Prof. Bernard Corvilain is secretary.
Prof B Velkeniers, Dr. M. Ponchon and Dr. A. Vandenbruel are welcomed as new Board members.

The following new members were approved:

• Carpentier Marijn
• Vandendriessche Barbara 
• Vantomme Bram      
• Veltri Flora
• Heureux Francoise
• Louwagie Peter
• Staels Willem          
• Lee Dahae
• Stinkens Kirsten

• Shadid Samiah
• Versele Emmanuelle
• Mekahli Farah
• Belovici Maria
• Yucel Hanifi 
• Poradosu Sabrina 
• Cuypers Joke
• Morrens Astrid


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