Covid-19: statement directing the restart of our professional activity.


Last week the RIZIV/INAMI contacted the VBS-GBS asking them to provide for each medical specialty a list of pathologies categorized according to emergency level, to direct the gradual restart of our professional activity which now is severely limited due to the Covid-19 crisis.

After consultation with the endocrinologists regarding these priority consultations, the BES board decided not to draw up a list but provided a statement which you can consult here, in Dutch or in French.


Call for candidatures for the Belgian Endocrine Society Lecture Award 2023

Canditatures for the Belgian Endocrine Society Lecture Award 2023 (age limit 45 years) can be presented by email to the president of the B.E.S. Deadline is December 31th 2022.


BES 2019 edition

Our 2019 meeting is behind us.

You can find the pictures here.

Liliya ROSTOMYAN giving her award lecture.