BES meeting 2019 (Final program)

BES 2019

(Mdeon visa: 19/V2/10413/007001.)

Friday workshop* (18/10/2019):

17:00–17:50 Registration, coffee.
17:50–18:00 Welcome: P. Petrossians (ULg), President
18:00–19:30 Workshop: Impact on bone of endocrine diseases.*

Chairs: J.J. Body (ULB) and G. T’Sjoen (UGENT)

  • Bone in bariatric surgery. (K. CORBEELS, KU Leuven).
  • The adverse skeletal effects of diabetes and its treatment (Dr C. Verroken, UZ Gent).
  • Acromegaly and bone disease. (Dr B. Lapauw, UZ Gent)
19:30–20:15 Invited lecture:

Chair: B. Velkeniers (VUB)

Growth Evolution in Dinosaurs – causes and consequences. (Marcus CLAUSS, Universität Zürich)

20:15 Walking dinner
* This years’s workshop is organized in collaboration with the Belgian Bone Club.

Saturday meeting (19/10/2019):

8:00–8:30 Registration, coffee, visit of the exhibits, poster view.
8:30–9:00 General assembly: P.Petrossians (ULg), President
9:00–9:30 Clinical grand-round:

Pituitary atypical adenomas and carcinomas. (B. Velkeniers and J. De Filette, VUB)

9:30–10:30 Communications by young investigators. Part 1: Clinical and translational studies.
Chair: A. Van den Bruel (AZ Sint Jan, Brugge)

  • Androgen metabolism during weight loss in men with obesity. (F. Van de Velde, UGENT).
  • Effect of nationwide reimbursement of sensor-augmented pump therapy in a paediatric type 1 diabetes population on hba1c, hypoglycaemia and quality of life: the rescue-paediatrics study. (F. De Ridder, UANTWERPEN)
  • Low dose continuous IV etomidate for severe Cushing’s syndrome in the non-critical care setting: a clinical study. (S.M. Constantinescu, UCL)
  • Sexual Dimorphism in Bone Size is Mediated by Neuronal ER alpha (ERα) Signaling in Females during Late Puberty. (N. Kim, KUL)
10:30–11:00 Communications by young investigators. Part 2: Clinical case reports.

  • An unusual case of pubertas tarda: IGSF1 deficiency syndrome. (I. Matthys, UZ GENT)
  • Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy controls inappropriate calcitriol secretion in a pancreatic neuro-endocrine tumor. (M. Haemels, KUL)
11:00–11:45 Coffee break, visit of the exhibits and poster view.
11:45–12:00 Selected Belgian publication.

Introduced by P. Petrossians (ULg), President

Expression of
Contactin 4 Is Associated With Malignant Behavior in Pheochromocytomas
and Paragangliomas. (Lucie EVENEPOEL, UCL)

12:00–12:30 Belgian Endocrine Society Lecture Award.

Intruduced by P. Petrossians (ULg), President

Pituitary gigantism: clinical characteristics and new insights into the genetics of GH-secreting pituitary adenomas. (Liliya ROSTOMYAN, ULIEGE)

12:30–13:00 Invited lecture :

Chair: Luc Van Gaal (UZA)

NAFLD, diabetes and beyond. (Amalia Gastaldelli, Italy)

13:00–13:15 Award ceremony: Young investigators
13:15 Lunch