Appeal to collaborate in a survey

You are kindly invited to participate in a survey exploring testosterone methodology in clinical units and laboratories throughout Europe.
This survey is part of a larger project funded by research foundation Flanders (FWO): ‘Better estimates of hormonal exposure to improve diagnosis and treatment in endocrine diseases (BEED-ED), which aims to improve accuracy, accessibility and clinical applicability of (free) steroid hormone levels.

Currently, different methods are used to measure testosterone and SHBG, hampering harmonized clinical use of (free) testosterone. With this survey, we want to map current clinical practices on methods to measure testosterone and SHBG in clinical units and laboratories in Europe. The results of this survey will be used to propose harmonization efforts for testosterone and SHBG measurements.

The survey is accessible here.     For those interested: have a look at the protocol summary

Prof. Dr. Leen Antonio, MD, PhD – Endocrinology UZ Leuven, Belgium
Prof. Dr. Bruno Lapauw, MD, PhD – Endocrinology UZ Gent, Belgium
Dr. Tom Fiers, MD, PhD – Laboratory Medicine UZ Gent, Belgium
Nick Narinx, MD – Clinical Chemistry UZ Leuven, Belgium


Belgian Thyroid Club

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BES 2022 Afternoon symposia

Symposium 1 (Sponsored by Ipsen)

Wouter de Herder (NL, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)


Albert Beckers


Symposium 2 (Sponsored by Eli Lilly)


André Scheen (chair, Belgium)


Michael Nauck (Germany)


Christophe De Block (Belgium)