Selected Belgian Publication award

The prize will be attributed to an original Belgian clinical paper in the field of endocrinology, diabetology or metabolism.

  • The prize will be awarded alternatively to endocrinology and, the following year, to diabetology/metabolism.
  • The paper should have been published (online or on-print) during the two years (ending December 31th ) preceding the BES meeting during which the award will be attributed.
  • The presenting author will be either the first author or the last and should not have passed the age of 45 years on December 31th of the year the paper was published.
  • The paper could be multi-centric or international, but the first author must have been working in a Belgian center when conducting the study.
  • The amount of the prize awarded by Sandoz NV/SA is €2500.
  • In 2024, clinical papers in the field of diabetology/metabolism can be submitted, that were published in 2022 or 2023.
  • The paper(s) will be pre-selected and then proposed by a Belgian university.
  • Each Belgian university could propose up to 3 papers (from the university or a collaborating center) for the award.
  • The paper(s) will be co-selected by the member of the board from the corresponding university.
  • The preselected article(s) should be submitted in pdf format by the board member from each university to the president of the Belgian Endocrine Society no later than March 20 th, 2024.