BES meeting 2022

Preliminary program – more details to come

32th Meeting of the Belgian Endocrine Society
October 21 & 22, 2022

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Friday lectures 21-10-2022

14:00 Registration
14:30-15:45 Symposium 1 (sponsored by Ipsen)

Part 1: highlights of ECE 

  • Focus on neuroendocrine tumors
    Prof. W. De Herder (NL, Erasmus MC, Amsterdam)
  • Focus on acromegaly
    Prof. P. Kamenicky (FR, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, Paris)

Part 2: innovation for patients with patients
           Mrs S. Llahana (UK, University College of London)

Part 3: Discussion/Q&A

15:45-16:00 Pauze
16:00-17:15 Symposium 2 (sponsored by Lilly)
A new chapter in incretin development.

The “re-naissance” of GIP 
17:15–17:50 Coffee
17:50–18:00 Welcome:
B. Velkeniers (VUB), President
18:00–20:00 Symposium: a message from three young emeriti 
Chair: TBA     How do they grow so tall ?
Prof. Albert Beckers (ULiège)

A 2022 update in the management of prolactinoma
Prof. Dominique Maiter (UCL)

Immune checkpoint inhibitors and endocrine side effects
Prof. Brigitte Velkeniers (UBrussel)

20:00 Walking dinner

Saturday meeting 22-10-2022

8:00–8:30 Registration
Coffee, visit of the exhibits, poster view
8:30–9:00 General assembly
B. Velkeniers (VUB), President
9:00–9:30 Clinical grand-round:
Introduced by 
Brigitte Decallone (UZ Leuven) & Bernard Corvilain (ULB)
9:30 Communications by young investigators
(sponsored by Pfizer)
9:30–10:30 Part 1: Clinical and translational studies

  • G.
  • F.
  • A .
  • T
10:30–11:00 Part 2: Clinical case reports

  • U.
  • T.
11:00–11:45 Coffee break, visit of the exhibits and poster view
11:45–12:00 Selected Belgian Publication Award (sponsored by Sandoz)
Introduced by B. Velkeniers (VUB), President
Presenting author: 
12:00–12:30 Belgian Endocrine Society Lecture Award (sponsored by Novo)
Introduced by B. Velkeniers (VUB), President
Determinants and consequences of sex steroid exposure in men
Award winner: Bruno Lapauw (UGent)
12:30–13:00 Invited lecture
Menopauze – HRT 20 years after …
Axelle Pintiaux (ULiège)
13:00–13:15 Award ceremony of the young investigators
13:15 Lunch