Young investigators award

Young Investigator Awards 2023

The young investigator awards were given to the following researchers:

  • Ewout Verly (UGhent) The thiazide challenge test differentiates primary hyperparathyroidism from secondary hyperparathyroidism due to idiopathic hypercalciuria.
  • Guillaume Pierman (UCL) Development of the KASAI score as a predictive tool for the uni- of bilateral form of primary hyperaldosteronism.
  • Steven Van Offel (UGhent) In otherwise healthy young men, trabecular bone score (TBS) is significantly lower in case of insulin resistance: an analysis of the SIBLOS study.
  • Lauren De Bruyn (KUL) Hydrocortisone treatment increases cholesterol availability in prolonged septic mice: effect on adrenal and muscle functioning.

The clinical case reports were presented by:

  • Lore Depoorter  (UA) A non-controlled Cushing’s disease treated with osilidrostat: a case report.
  • Tim Ailliet (St. Jan Brugge) Unilateral mydriasis as a first presentation of pituitary macroadenoma.

Young Investigator Awards 2022

The young investigator awards were given to the following researchers:

  • Alexandra Coomans de Brachène (ULB) Exercise as a non-pharmacological intervention to protect pancreatic beta cells in patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  • Gabriele Sassi (KUL) A plasma miR-193b-365 signature predicts non-responsiveness to Lactococcus lactis-based antigen-specific immunotherapy in new-onset type 1 diabetes.
  • Jonathan Mertens (UA) The insulin sensitivity index derived from euglycemic clamps is correlated to liver fat content determined by magnetic resonance spectroscopy in type 1 diabetes .
  • Thomas Servais (UCL) Mortality-related risk factors of inpatients with diabetes and COVID-19: a multicentric retrospective study in Belgium

The clinical case reports were presented by:

  • Eric Balti (VITAZ St. Niklaas) Chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome revealed by severe hypocalcemia and pulseless electric activity: Untangling a conglomerate of potential primary etiologic factors.
  • Maarten De Vis (VUB) Is this just vitiligo? Nelson is hiding.

Young Investigator Awards 2021

The young investigator awards were given to the following researchers:

  • Florian Szymczak (ULB) Gene expression signatures of target tissues in endocrine and non-endocrine autoimmune diseases.
  • Kaat Beunen (KUL) Fasting plasma glucose level to determine the need for an OGTT to screen for gestational diabetes mellitus.
  • Carlien De Herdt (UA) A cross-sectional analysis of the association between testosterone and biopsy-proven non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in 134 obese men.
  • Anaïs De Landtsheer (KUL) The impact of anti-androgen therapy on bone in men treated for paraphilia: a retrospective cohort study.

The clinical case reports were presented by:

  • Sébastien Verdickt (KUL) Unusual cause of neonatal salt wasting syndrome in a female with subsequent primary amenorrhoea.
  • Joke Vliebergh (KUL) Thinking beyond guidelines: an atypical case of adrenal incidentaloma.


Young Ingestigator Awards 2020

The young investigator awards were given to the following researchers:

  • Pieter-Jan Martens (KUL) Intestinal delivery of proinsulin and IL-10 via Lactococcus latis combined with low-dose antiCD3 induces antigen-specific FoxP3+ Tregs in autoimmune diabetic mice.
  • Maria Lytrivi (ULB) YIPF5 mutations cause diabetes and microcephaly through disrupted endoplasmic reticulum-to-Golgi trafficking.
  • Leen Antonio (KUL) Sexual symptoms predict all-cause mortality independently of sex steroids in ageing men.
  • Coralie Thiry (ULB) Soft drink intake on time of hypoglycaemia during insulin tolerance test: effects on pituitary response and comfort for the patient.
  • Anass El Malahi (UAntwerp) Chronic complications versus glycaemic variability, time in range and HbA1c in people with type 1 diabetes: sub study of the RESCUE-trial.

The clinical case reports were presented by:

  • Younes Azzagnuni (ULB) An unusual cause of unilateral adrenal incidentaloma.
  • Laurens Veldeman (UGhent) A case of a heterozygous inactivating CASR variant with adult-onset symptomatic hypercalcemia requiring extensive surgery.


Young investigator Awards 2019

The young investigators awards were given to the following researchers:

  • F. Van de Velde (UGhent) Androgen metabolism during weight loss in men with obesity.
  • F. De Ridder (UANTWERPEN) Effect of nationwide reimbursement of sensor-augmented pump therapy in a paediatric type 1 diabetes population on hba1c, hypoglycaemia and quality of life: the rescue-paediatrics study.
  • S.M. Constantinescu (UCL)  Low dose continuous IV etomidate for severe Cushing’s syndrome in the non-critical care setting: a clinical study.
  • N. Kim (KUL) Sexual Dimorphism in Bone Size is Mediated by Neuronal ER alpha (ERα) Signaling in Females during Late Puberty.

The clinical case reports were presented by:

  •  I. Matthys, (UZ GENT) An unusual case of pubertas tarda: IGSF1 deficiency syndrome.
  • M. Haemels (KUL) Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy controls inappropriate calcitriol secretion in a pancreatic neuro-endocrine tumor.


Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pfizer 2017

The young investigators awards were given to the following researchers:

  • Khalil Farhat (ULg). A dramatic immunological phenotype of mice deficient in Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH).
  • Iulia Potorac (ULg). A compound heterozygous mutation in the luteinizing hormone/chorionic gonadotrophin receptor gene leading to Leydig cell hypoplasia type 1.
  • Frederique Van de Velde (UZG). Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and its relation with sex steroids in men with obesity.
  • Karels David (KUL). Complications of chronic primary hypoparathyroidism: a retrospective study in a tertiary care center.

The clinical case reports were presented by:

  • Xavier-Philippe Aers (UGHENT). Who stole my cholesterol? A case report of night blindness and virtually absent serum betalipoproteins.
  • Kirsten Stinkens (KUL). Brain calcifications as late presenting sign of pseudohypoparathyroidism: missed window of treatment opportunity.
  • An Jacobs and Katrien Clotman for poster awards.

Left to right: T. Baguette (Pfizer), X.P. Aers, K. Stinkens, F. Van De Velde, A. Jacobs, I. Potorac, K. Farhat, K. David, P. Petrossians (president BES)

Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pfizer 2014

The young investigators awards were given to the following researchers:

  • Iulia Potorac(Ulg). A novel mutation of the luteinizing hormone/chorionic gonadotrophin receptor gene leading to Leydig cell hypoplasia type 1
  • Simke Demeester (VUB). Pre-existing insulin autoantibodies predict efficacy of otelixizumab in preserving residual beta cell function in recent-onset type 1 diabetes
  • Vandewalle S(UGent). Adrenal steroids are associated with bone maturation, but not with bone mineral density, bone size or body composition in healthy pre- or early pubertal boys.
  • Marina Boscolo(ULB and Hôpital Bicetre – GHU Paris-Sud). Ovarian autonomy from childhood to adulthood in McCune Albright Syndrome

The clinical case reports were presented by:

  • Nele Myngheer (KUL). A case of acute thyrotoxicosis with a twist ….
  • Van der Straaten S(UGent). Clinical, hormonal and metabolic characteristics in two very short siblings with a novel homozygous mutation of the IGF1 Receptor Gene
    The best poster price went to:
  • Roman Vangoitsenhoven (KULeuven) en Aglaia Kyrilli (ULB Erasme).

Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pfizer 2010

Price basic research

  • Femke Baeke
  • Christine Helsen
  • Carsten Kriebitzsch

Price clinical research

  • Marie Lebbe
  • Joop Jonckheer
  • Julie Francart

Case reports

  • Vanessa Preumont
  • Sophie Neven

Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pfizer 2009

Price basic research

  • L. Lieben (VIB, KUL),
  • S. Kerkhofs (KUL) and S. Derde (KUL)

Price clinical research

  • M. Gielen (KUL).
  • L. Vroonen (ULg),

Case reports

  • B. Van der Schueren (KUL),
  • K. Mortelmans (KUL)
  • M. den Brinker (UGent)

Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pfizer 2008

First price basic research: M. Maris (KUL)

Price 2-3 basic research: Apetri (ULg) & G. Van Billemont (UZG)

First price clinical research: Y. Taes (UZG)

Price 2-3 clinical research:  E. Livadariu (ULg) & M.A. Tikhomirova (ULg)

Case reports:  C. Brachet (ULB) &  M. Lebbe (UCL)


Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pfizer 2007

Basic research

  • 1: Callewaert F
  • 2. Burniat A.
  • 3: Clincspoor I

Clinical research

  • 1: Lapauw B
  • 2: Steffens M
  • 3. Burlacu M

Case reports

  • Lengele JP
  • Van Doninck N

Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pfizer 2006

First price basic research

  • Ophoff J., De Gendt K., Ohlsson C., Boonen S., Bouillon R., Verhoeven G., Vanderschueren D.
    Physical exercise reduces remodelling imbalance and preserves trabecular microarchitecture in male mice with androgen receptor disruption.
    (KUL and Gothenburg University)

Basic research

  • Eertmans F., Dhooge W., Kaufman J.M.
    Insulin-like growth factor-I-receptor a cross-talk in the murine aT3 gonadotropic cell line. (U Gent)
    Martens G.A., Vervoort A., Van de Casteele M., Stangé G., Hellemans K., Heimberg H., Pipeleers D.
    Specificity in beta cell expression of L-3-hydroxyacyl-co A dehydrogenase, shortchain (HADHSC) and potential role in down-regulating glucose-induced insulin release. (VUB)
    Schrijvers B., Flyberg A., Tilton RG., Lameire NH., De Vriese AS proposed by Kaufman JM.
    A neutralizing VEGF antibody prevents glomerular hypertrophy in a model of obese type 2 diabetes, the Zucker diabetic fatty rat. (U Gent)

First price clinical research

  • Vanhorebeek I., Ellger B., De Vos R., Debaveye Y., Vander Perre S., Van den Berghe G.
    Protection of mitochondria by intensive insulin therapy in critical illness: blood glucose control or insulin? (KUL)

Clinical research

  • Bogaert V., De Bacquer D., Kaufman JM., Crabbé P.
    Androgen sensitivity and genetic determinants of sex steroid hormone blood levels in healthy man: influence of the androgen receptor-, aromatase-and SHBG genes. (UGent)
    Mattijs Z., Poppe K., Tournaye H., Schiettecatte J., Smitz J., Devroey P., Velkeniers B.
    Is the presence of macroprolactinemia clinically important in women of infertile couples? (VUB)
    Verlinde F., Thomas M., Louis O., Heinrichs C., Maes M. Proposed by De Schepper J.
    Bone mineralization muscular strength and body fat accumulation at near final height in adolescents with growth hormone deficiency after growth hormone treatment. (BSPE, VUB, HUDERF, UCL)

Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pfizer 2005

First price basic research

  • L. Coenegrachts, S. Torrekens, R. Van Looveren, P. Carmeliet, R. Bouillon, G. Carmeliet.
    Placental growth factor is a positive regulator of bone remodeling. (KUL, Leuven)

Price 2 -4 basic research :

  • H. Callewaert, C. Gysemans, L. Ladrière, J. Laureys, D. Valckx, L. Overbergh, D.L. Eizirik, C. Mathieu.
    Blocking IFN-gamma signaling cascade in islets alters their chemokine expression, but is insufficient for protection after transplantation. (KUL)
    C. Péqueux, J.C. Hendrick, M.T. Hagelstein, V. Geenen, J.J Legros.
    Oxytocin and vasopressin implications in growth of human small-cell lung cancer. (ULg, Liège)
    E. Van Etten, L. Verlinden, A. Giulietti, D. Branisteanu, L. Overbergh, R. Bouillon, C. Mathieu.
    The impact of the VDR FokI polymorphism on the immune response. (KUL, Leuven)

First price clinical research

  • C. De Block, I. De leeuw, L Van Gaal
    Impactof overweight on microvascular complications in type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (UA Antwerp)

Price 2 -4 clinical research

  • M. Tikhomirova, A. Daly, P. Petrossians, A. Murat, B. Delemer, M.Cogne, A. Tabarin, A. Luger, M.L. Jaffrain-Rea, P. Beck-Peccoz, A. Colao, A. Giustina, F. Casanueva, R. Gaillard, A.J. van der Lely, A. Beckers.
    A multicenter collaborative study to measure the prevalence of pituitary disease: methodology and preliminary findings. (ULg, Liège)
    S. Boetzkes, P. Abrams, P. Willekens, P. Jorens, R. Abs.
    Conditions associated with the development of growth hormone deficiency in traumatic brain injury. (UA, Antwerp)
    D. Gruson, O Alexoupolou, X Tran-xie, JM Ketelstaegers, D Maiter
    Growth hormon treatment reduces N-terminal-Pro-brain natueretic peptide (Nt-PNB) concentrations in adult patiences with severe GH deficiency (UCL-Brussels)

Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pfizer 2004

First price basic research :
K. Venken, S. Boonen, J.Kopchick, K. Coschigano, S. Movérare, R. Bouillon, C. Ohlsson, D. Vanderschueren.
Growth without growth hormone receptor: Estradiol is a major growth hormone-independent regulator of hepatic insulin-like growth factor-I synthesis. (KUL, Leuven).

Price 2-4 basic research :
A.C. Gerard, M. Boucquey, I.M. Colin.
Role of nitric oxide as a mediator of IL-1a/IFNg-induced effects on ThOXs and TPO expressions in primary cultures of human thyrocytes. (UCL, Brus)
O. Schakman, H. Gilson, V. de Conninck, P. Lause, J. Verniers, J.M. Ketelslegers, J.P. Thissen.
IGF-I gene transfer by electroporation prevents skeletal muscle atrophy in glucocorticoids-treated rats.(UCL, Brussels).
W.C.G. van Staveren, S. Wattel, D. Venet, C. Maenhaut.
Thyrotropin induced gene expression profiles in human primary thyroid cell culture as investigated by cDNA microarray analysis.(ULB, Brussels).

First price clinical research
M. Cnopp, W. Y Fujimoto, S. E. Kahn.
Progressive loss of b-cell function leads to worsening glucose tolerance in first-degree relatives of subjects with type 2 diabetes.(ULB, Brussels).

Price 2-4 clincial research
C. De Block, G. Colpin, K. Thielemans, W. Coopmans, J. Bogers, P. Pelckmans, E. Van Marck,
V. Van Hoof, M. Martin, I. De Leeuw, R. Bouillon, L. Van Gaal.
Neuroendocrine tumor markers and enterochromaffin-like cell hyper/dysplasia in type 1 diabetes mellitus.(UA, Antwerp; KUL, Leuven).
L. De Meirleir, K. Poppe, J. Verhelst, R. Abs, B. Velkeniers.
Evaluation of renal function in patients with Cushing’s disease: a matched case-control study. (AZ-VUB, Brussels).
G. T’Sjoen, Y. Beguin, M. Bunck, E. Feyen, R. Rubens, J.M. Kaufman, L. Gooren.
Influence of exogenous oestrogen or (anti-)androgen administration on soluble transferrin receptor. (RUG, Ghent; ULB, Brussels).

Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pfizer 2003

N. Martens, M. Wéry, A. Gertler, R. Hooghe and E. Hooghe-Peeters (VUB)
Suppressor of cytokine signaling-7
G. Eelen, L. Verlinden, M. Van Camp, C. Mathieu, G. Carmeliet, A. Verstuyf and R. Bouillon (KUL)
Effects of vitamin D on the DNA replication machinery; a cDNA microarray analysisA.
Giuletti, C. Gysemans, E. Van Etten, K. Stoffels, B. Decalonne, L. Overbergh, R. Bouillon and C. Mathieu (KUL)
Vitamin D deficiency in early life accelerates type 1 diabetes in non-obese diabetic mice.
F. Journe, J.C. Dumon, N. Kheddoumi, G. Leclercq and JJ Body (ULB)
Activation of estrogen receptor by extracellular calcium is mediated by the calcium-sensing receptor in breast cancer cells.
H. Valdes-Socin, R. Salvi, F. Pralong, D. Betea, R. Gaillard and A. Beckers (Ulg)
Male hypogonadism caused by isolated LH deficiency : a natural LH “knock out” model
A. Cicarelli, H. Valdes-Socin, J. Parma, G. Vassart, V. Dideberg, B. Tean Teh and A. Beckers (Ulg)
Atypical hyperthyroidism due to struma ovarii: clinical and genetic studies
G. Laureys, C. Bourgain, P. Haentjens, K. Poppe and B. Velkeniers (VUB)
Expression of estrogen receptors in human prolactinomas
A. Persu, I. Gutierrez-Roelens, P. Rustin, J.F. De Plaen and M. Vikkula (UCL)
Familial head and neck paraganglioma (PGL) with metastatic dissemination without evidence of mutation in
complex II genes of the mitochondrial membrane : towards further genetic heterogeneity in hereditary PGL.

Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pharmacia 2002

S. Gerlo, E. Hooghe-Peeters R. Kooijman (VUB).
Regulation of prolactin expression in leukemic cell lines and peripheral blood mononuclear cells.
C. Maes, P. Carmeliet, K. Moermans, I. Stockmans, N. Smets, S. Torrekens, R. Van Looveren, R. Bouillon and G. Carmeliet (KUL) .
VEGF164 is essential for normal proliferation, differentiation and survival of growth plate chondrocytes in vivo.
D. Betea, A.R. Bradwell, H. Valdes-Socin, B. Ghaye, M.P. Stassen and A. Beckers (U Liege)
Management of hypercalcemia from parathyroid carcinoma by immunisation.
D. Mesotten, P.J.D. Delhanty, F. Vanderhoydonc, K.V. Hardman, F. Weekers, R.C. Baxter and G. Van den Berghe (KUL)
Regulation of IGF binding protein-1 and glucoregulatory proteins by insulin during human critical illness.

Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pharmacia 2001

B. Decallonne, L. Overbergh, A. Giulietti, R. Bouillon, Ch. Mathieu (KUL)
T lymphocyte apoptosis in prediabetic NOD mice : prolonged survival caused by defective active and passive cell death
K. Poppe, D. Glinoer, P. Devroey, A. Vansteirteghem, J. Smitz, B. Velkeniers (VUB-ULB)
Thyroid function and autoimmunity in female infertility
A.S. Parent, M . Krstevska-Konstantinova, V. Matagne, A. Gérard, M.C. Lebrethon,
C. Charlier, J.P. Bourguignon, and the Belgian Study Group for Pediatric Endocrinology (Ulg)
Sexual precocity secondary to endocrine disrupters in children immigrant to Belgium ?
Preliminary evidence for pesticide derivatives in serum and effects on GnRH pulsatility in rat hypothalamus.
C. Gysemans, A. Giulietti, D. Valckx, J. Laureys, M. Waer, R. Bouillon, Ch. Mathieu (KUL)
Aspirin inhibits early graft failure and prolongs graft rejection of functional xenogeneic islets in spontaneously diabetic NOD mice.
F. Winnock, M.R. Christie, M.R. Batstra, H.-J. Aanstoot, I. Weets, K. decochez, Ph. Jopart, D. Nicolaij, F.K. Gorus, and the Belgian Diabetes Registry (VUB)
Autoantibodies to a 38 kDa glycosylated islet cell membrane-associated antigen (GLIMA) in (pre)type 1 diabetes : association with IA-2 and islet cell autoantibodies.

Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pharmacia 2000

A.K. Cardozo, M. Kruhoeffer, TF Orntoft, D.L. Eizirik (VU Brussel)
Identification of novel IL-1b-induced genes in pancreatic b-cells by high density oligonucleotide arrays (GeneChip).
F. Debieve, A. Moiset, C. Hubinont, S. Pamfer, K. Thomas (UC Louvain)
Vascular endothelial growth factor and placenta growth factor levels in Down’s syndrome and normal pregnancies
P. Jacquemin, S.M. Durviaux, G.G. Rousseau, F.P. Lemaigre (UC Louvain)
HNF-6 controls the differentiation of the pancreatic endocrine cells
H. Valdes Socin, D. Betea, V. Stevens, J. Poncin, A. Stevenaert, A . Beckers (U Liège)
Familial isolated pituitary adenomas not related to the MEN1 syndrome : A study of 27 patients.
M. Ponchon, E. Lavenne-Pardonge, D. Maiter (UC Louvain)
The prothrombotic state in Cushing’s syndrome

Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pharmacia 1999

  • V Beauloye et al. (UCL)
    Dexamethasone inhibits both growth hormone induction of insluin-like growth factors mRNA and GH receptro mRNA levels in rat primary cultured hepatocytes
  • K Decochez et al. (VUB)
    Use of islet cell antibody assay to identilfy type 1 diabetic patients with rapid decrease in C-peptide levels follwoing cliical onset
  • F Weekers et al. (KUL)
    Pretreatment with GHRP-2, independent of GH & IGF-1, protects against diastolic dysfunction induced by temporary ischemia in an isolated, blood-perfused rabbit heart model.
  • C Warnotte et al. (UCL)
    Craniopharyngioma: evaluation at adulthood of endocrine, ophthalmologic and psychosocial consequences of the tumor and its treatment.
  • E Daci et al. (KUL)
    Osteoblast proliferation and bone mineralization are increased in mice deficient in the plasminogen activator genes.

Young Investigator Award sponsored by Pharmacia 1998

  • Chr Pierreux et al (UC Louvain)
    Mechanism whereby insulin and liver-enriched transcription factors modulate glucocorticoid action
  • J Van den Saffele et al (UZ Gent)
    Decreased serum testosterone and increased adiposity in elderly men are not the consequence of leptin deficiency
  • K Casteels et al (KU Leuven)
    Effects of sex hormones on apoptosis in NOD mice: link to autoimmunity
  • Chr Sempoux et al (UC Louvain)
    Persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia of infancy: an heterogeneous syndrome
  • E Seuntjens et al (KU Leuven)
    Targeted ablation of gonadotrophs in transgenic mice affects early development of lactotrophs

Young Investigator Travel Award sponsored by Pharmacia 1997

  • E Delgrange et al (UC Louvain)
    Sex-related difference in growth of prolactinomas: a clinical and proliferation marker study
  • L Melen et al (U Liège)
    Both placental and pituitary growth hormones transcripts are present in human T lymphoid cells
  • P Selvais et al (UC Louvain)
    Cushing’s disease: a comparison of clinical and biological features between pituitary corticotrope microadenomas and macroadenomas
  • M van Helvoirt et al (KU Leuven)
    Cognitive dysfunction in childhood due to novel variants of resistance to thyroid hormone
  • L Verlinden et al (KU Leuven)
    Cyclin D1 down regulation by 1x, 25(OH)2D3 in MCF-7 cells

Young Investigator Travel Award sponsored by Pharmacia 1996

  • I Achour et al (U Liège)
    Thymic insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) in man and animal model of autoimmune diabetes
  • IM Colin et al (UC Louvain)
    Sexually dimorphic basal and GnRH-stimulated expression of the human glycoprotein hormone x-gene in primary cultures of rat pituitary cells
  • C Mathieu et al (KU Leuven)
    Prevention of type I diabetes by late intervention with non-hypercalcemic analogues of vitamine D3 in combination with Cyclosporin A
  • L Plat et al (UL Bruxelles)
    Growth hormone secretion can be stimulated by pharmacological enhancement of slow wave sleep
  • K Van Uytsel et al (VU Brussel)
    GH expression in granulocytes

Young Investigator Travel Award sponsored by Pharmacia 1995

  • FP Lemaigre (UC Louvain)
  • CE Depuydt (RU Gent)JP Grün (UL Bruxelles)
  • A Mattton (VU Brussel)
  • G Van den Berghe (KU Leuven)
  • O Louis (U Liège)
  • Free Communications by Young Investigators 1994
  • K Van Acker (UI Antwerpen)
  • D Schoors (VU Brussel)
  • M Giri (RU Gent)
  • R Moreno-Reyes (UL Bruxelles)
  • C Ledent (UL Bruxelles)
  • B Delhougne (U Liège)