BES meeting 2018 (Final program)

BES 2018

(Mdeon Visa: 18/V2/10413/006425)

Friday workshop* (19/10/2018):

17:00–17:50 Registration, coffee.
17:50–18:00 Welcome: P. Petrossians (ULg), President
18:00–19:30 Workshop: Early diagnosis of adult disease or late diagnosis of pediatric disease?

Chairs: D. Beckers (CHU UCL Namur) and B. Velkeniers (VUB)

  • Menstrual cycle disorders in adolescents : normal or abnormal ? (Pr J de Schepper, VUB).
  • Misdiagnosed diabetes …. But how does this concern me ? (Dr T Moureaux, CHU UCL Namur).
  • Constitutional delay of growth and puberty or hypogonadotropic hypogonadism? (Pr AS Parent, ULiège).
19:30–20:15 Invited lecture:

Chair: B. Corvilain (ULB)

Diabetes in the Cloud. (Laurent CRENIER, ULB)

20:15 Walking dinner
 * This years’s workshop is organized in collaboration with the Belgian Society for Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetology (BESPEED).

Saturday meeting (20/10/2018):

8:00–8:30 Registration, coffee, visit of the exhibits, poster view.
8:30–9:00 General assembly: P.Petrossians (ULg), President
9:00–9:30 Clinical grand-round:

Endocrine complications in cancer immunotherapy. (B. Velkeniers, J. de Filette, B. Bravenboer, VUB)

9:30–10:00 Communications by young investigators. Part 1: Translational studies.

Chair: L. Van Gaal (UZA)

  • The Effect of Androgens on Renal Calcium and Phosphate Handling, Independent of Bone and in Circumstances of Low Dietary Calcium. (R. Khalil, KUL)
  • GLP-1 analogs protect beta cells and prevent diabetes in models of Wolfram syndrome. (M. Igoillo-Esteve, ULB)
10:00–10:30 Communications by young investigators. Part 2: Clinical studies.

Chair: L. Van Gaal (UZA)

  • Cardiovascular complications in pituitary gigantism (results of an international study). (L.Rostomyan, ULIEGE)
  • Comparison of overnight and 48h low dose dexamethasone suppression tests in volunteers using oral contraceptive. (T. Carton, ULB)
10:30–11:00 Communications by young investigators. Part 3: Clinical case reports.

Chair: J. Donckier (UCL)

  • A family history of short stature. (N. Alev, ULB)
  • Rare cause of 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D mediated hypercalcemia. A Case Report and Literature Study. (J. de Bellefroid, A.Z. Sint Jan)


11:00–11:45 Coffee break, visit of the exhibits and poster view
11:45–12:15 Belgian Endocrine Society Lecture Award.

Chair: P. Petrossians (ULg), President

Mutations of the luteinizing hormone and its receptor – from phenotype to molecular anomalies. (Iulia POTORAC, ULIEGE)

12:15–12:45 Invited lecture :

Chair: Guy T’Sjoen (UGENT)

From Intersex to Differences of Sex Development (DSD): The long journey towards multidisciplinary care. (Martine COOLS, UZGHENT).

12:45–13:00 Award ceremony: Young investigators
13:00 Lunch